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Who are we?

We are KD Capital Ltd. headquartered in L. Karavelov 2 Street, Plovdiv, Bulgaria, EU VAT number : 205391327. We are engaged in connecting potential clients/applicants with the banks with which we cooperate, in order to conclude a credit/loan/borrowing agreement between the bank and the client.

We take personal data processing seriously and we are committed to protecting your data, and operate in accordance with General EU Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR). With this Policy we want to show in a transparent and clear way how we process personal information. 

What does it mean to process personal data and whose personal data we process?

Personal information is all information relating to an individual whose identity is established or identifiable (the “respondent”).

Processing is any process or set of operations performed on personal data or on sets of personal data, whether by automated or non-automated means such as collection, recording, organization, structuring, storage, adaptation or modification, retrieval, insight, use, transmission disclosure , otherwise expanding or making available, synchronizing or combining, restricting, deleting or destroying them.

We process the personal information of visitors to our site who have consented to the processing of personal information for specific purposes, and the data of respondents who have submitted a request or credit/loan/borrowing request through our website. 

When and why do we process personal information?

We may process your personal information for direct marketing and market research purposes if you give us your consent.

When you submit a request or request for a credit/loan/borrowing through our website, then we process your personal information on behalf of the bank to which the query or request is forwarded, and we then act as the executor.

The processing of personal data of visitors to our website submitting a query or request to a bank related to the issuance of a credit/loan/borrowing is performed in order to conclude a contract and fulfill obligations from the contract between the bank and the client (respondents), as well as to fulfill the legal obligations of the bank regarding the conclusion contract – client identification. A bank to which your personal data is forwarded for the purpose of concluding a contract may also process it for the purpose of pursuing a legitimate interest (possible court proceedings, etc.).

When we act as a processing executor, you will be notified of the processing of personal information by the processing bank. 

Legal basis for data processing

Based on your consent, we process your personal information for direct marketing and market research purposes. You may withdraw your consent at any time (opt-out or e-mail) and we will stop processing your personal information.

When we process the data of the person submitting the query or request for a credit/loan/borrowing, we act on behalf of the partner bank and then the personal data is processed for the purpose of concluding and executing the contract, fulfilling the bank’s legal obligations and the legitimate interests of the bank. We will always notify you on whose behalf we collect the data, for what purposes, as well as other processing details. 

What data are we processing?

For the purposes of direct marketing and market research, we process the information of visitors to our web pages, necessary for us to get in touch (name and surname, e-mail address, telephone number).

When we act as the processing executor and collect information on behalf of the bank, we collect personal information from visitors to our websites, who submit a request or request for a credit/loan/borrowing. The amount of data processed depends on the instructions received from the bank for which the data is processed.

When submitting a query or request, the applicant should fill in personal identification information (name, surname, gender, date and place of birth, etc.), contact information (address, telephone, e-mail, etc.), bank account information. For the purpose of verifying our identity, we can ask the applicant to take a photo with their ID card.

The bank in which the credit/loan/borrowing is applied for may request additional information or for the applicant to provide additional documentation.

If it is mandatory that there is a contractual guarantee for payment under the contract with the bank, the applicant may also be required to provide a certificate of the agreed guarantee, and the applicant’s data is shared with the guarantee provider in order to obtain the guarantee. With your express consent, your contact information (e-mail address, telephone number) may be shared with the warranty service providers for the purpose of offering their products and services through direct marketing. 


A cookie is a text file sent by a website and stored on a user device. The website does not have access to other files on the user’s device. The content of cookies does not allow the identification of users.

On our website we use cookies to create statistics used to optimize and modify the service we provide to better adapt to the needs of users, maintain a website session, optimize the tools used on the website (e.g. calculators).

For more information about the use of cookies, please read our Cookie Policy. 

How do we collect personal data?

We collect personal data directly from the data subject by filling out the online form on our website. 

Data protection

We process data in a way that ensures data security and confidentiality, and enables data protection, data volume reduction, compliance with the principles regarding processing scope, storage period and data availability.

We have implemented various technical, organizational and electronic measures to protect data from loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration or destruction. 

Transfer and sharing of data

We may share the information we process as a processing manager with our associates who provide services to us (eg information system maintenance services) to the extent that access to personal information is necessary for the purposes of providing services. We do not transfer personal data to non-EU or EEA countries unless there is a legitimate basis for this, including to a recipient in a country determined to provide an adequate level of protection in accordance with GDPR, or based on an instrument that covers EU requirements for the transfer of Personal data from outside the EU.

When we process data in the capacity of a processing executor, we pass it on to the bank on behalf of which we collect personal data in the capacity of processing executor. Banks may further share data in accordance with their internal policies. We will always notify you when submitting a query or request through our website on whose behalf we process data and processing details. Also, in order to realize the guarantee related to the contract with the bank, we can pass your information to the guarantee provider. 

How long do we keep the data?

We retain data that we process on a privilege basis until the privilege is withdrawn.

We store the data we process on behalf of the bank with which we cooperate for a period to be determined by the bank as head of processing. 

What are your rights in relation to the processing of your personal information?

In accordance with the GDPR, you have the following rights in relation to your personal information:

  1. right to be informed about the processing of personal data.
  2. right to data access – to be informed whether or not your data is being processed, and to have access to that data if processing exists.
  3. right to correction – if the information we process about you is incorrect or incomplete or you want to change it, you have the right to request correction of the same or to supplement incomplete personal information.
  4. right of erasure (“right to be forgotten”) – if you have withdrawn your consent to the processing of personal data, if your personal data is being processed illegally or if your data is no longer necessary for the purposes for which it was collected or in any way processed.
  5. right to a restriction on processing – for example, if you have objected to the processing of the data, if you have doubts about the accuracy of the personal data being processed or the lawfulness of their processing, but do not want the data to be deleted or if they are still needed to fulfill the legal requirements.
  6. right to data portability – If processing is performed by automated means, you can request the direct transfer of your personal data to another processing manager, if technically feasible.
  7. right to object and complain

If you believe that your rights have been violated, you have the right to file a complaint to:

  • the Commission for Personal Data Protection, e-mail:, address: Prof. Cvetan Lazarov nr. 2, Sofija, Bulgaria.

If you wish to exercise any right in relation to the processing of personal data when we process your data on behalf of a bank, if you make a request to us, we will forward the same to the bank as head of processing. We will notify you before the processing of personal information of the contact details of the processing manager. 

What if you do not want your personal information processed?

If the processing is based on consent, if you do not wish to consent, we will not process your personal data, and if you withdraw the consent already given, we will suspend the processing of your data.

In cases where we process data on behalf of a bank, data processing is done to conclude and execute a contract with the bank, so if you do not want your personal data processed, you will not be able to contract with the bank. 

Privacy policy changes

We reserve the right to change our Privacy Policy and the current Privacy Policy will always be posted on our website. 


Should you have any questions regarding the processing of your Personal Information, please contact us at:

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